20's Plenty for Dunbar


June 2014

The roll-out of 20mph limits in East Lothian continues with new Traffic Regulation orders for Cockenzie, Tranent and North Berwick. Cllr Michael Veitch (Transport spokesman) said: “The Administration’s Council Plan includes a commitment to introduce 20 mph speed restrictions - where supported by local residents. It therefore gives me great pleasure to speak in support of this paper which seeks to introduce three new 20 mph areas in Cockenzie, Tranent and North Berwick." Other areas are encouraged to demonstrate support, and apply to the council for their area to be 20mph.


February 2013

Police Report to Community And Police Partnership meeting 20 Feb 2014: "We have spoken to numerous drivers who were driving over the twenty limit but doing less than thirty miles per hour. They were made aware of the new limit and that we would be in the area. However, a pro laser speed check detected a driver driving at forty-five miles per hour in the twenty miles per hour limit. The driver was subsequently cautioned and charged and reported for summons."

Police report picked up by East Lothian Courier 28 Feb 2014 “Motorist clocked at 45mph in Dunbar’s new 20’s plenty zone


January 2013

20mph limits come into force on 16th January 2013. Police are actively monitoring. Sustaining Dunbar conducts awareness survey which can be viewed here.


December 2013

20mph Limit signs are erected in Dunbar.


Summer 2013

East Lothian Council sets speed monitors to collect 'before' data.


November 2012

East Lothian Council lodges Experimental Traffic Regulation order to 18 month 20mph limit trial on the south of Dunbar. One objection is received, and eventually not upheld, but this causes delay in the implementation of the scheme.


September 2012

Local consultation carried out by Sustaining Dunbar revealing 70% support from respondents in the proposed trial area. Read the report here.


September 2012

Local groups 20's Plenty for Cockenzie and Port Seton, 20's Plenty for North Berwick, 20's Plenty for Dunbar and East Lothian Tennants and Residents Panel met with East Lothian Councillors to make the case for default 20mph limits in residential areas throughout East Lothian. Councillors confirmed that this was in the local plan and that they would like to work towards this.


January 2012

Sustaining Dunbar met with East Lothian Council to discuss the possibility of a 20’s Plenty Scheme in Dunbar. ELC were broadly supportive, and suggested that a 20 mph speed limit trial be introduced on all residential roads to the south of the East Coast Mainline, and west of Spott Road.  Sustaining Dunbar agreed to carry out a consultation survey of residents in the relevant areas in the spring, with the possible introduction of the trial in the autumn.


December 2011

We held a public meeting to form a Dunbar Living Streets group to campaign for better facitities for pedestrains. A central plank of the campaign will be 20mph limits on residental streets. The meeting was attended by 10 local campaigners, all 3 local councillors (Paul McLennan, Jacquie Bell and Norman Hampshire), Cllr Margaret Libberton from the Preston/Seton/Gosfod ward and visitors from Port Seton who are launching a 20's Plenty Campaign in their ward.


October 2011

Our campaign is picked up by the East Lothian Courier


January 2011

Morag Haddow contacted Anna Semlyen at the 20's Plenty for Us to help with the next steps and this website was set up.


March 2010

20's Plenty for Dunbar began life as a Facebook group in March 2010. By the end of the year 40 local people had signed up to indicate their interest, and it was decided to form a formal campaing group to lobby for change.

Progress to date