20's Plenty for Dunbar


Show your support

There are various ways to support for the 20's Plenty for Dunbar campaign:

2. Talk about it

Tell your friends, write to the papers, mention it on Facebook or Twitter. Let's start the debate now: on which local roads can we justify driving at 30mph?

1. Drive at 20mph where people live

Lead the way. Each mile will only take 1 minute longer if you drive at 20mph rather than 30mph.  Sustaining Dunbar has free window stickers if you'd like them for your car.

4. Join our mailing list

Membership is free.

We have a growing email list, occasional meetings and stands at events. Please email [email protected] or phone 01243 790077 for further details.


3. Show your support

Sustaining Dunbar has stickers to put on your wheelie bin so you can show your support in a very visual way. Pick one up from 16 West Port or email [email protected] and I'll drop one off to you.

5. Lobby officials

Raise the issue with politician and council officials when you get the chance. To help you make the case for slower speeds, the national campaign has put together this collection of briefing sheets.

5. Sign our petition

Petition sheets are available in Dunbar library and at Sustaining Dunbar at 16 West Port. Or you can sign online, here