20's Plenty for Dunbar


About Us

20's Plenty for Dunbar is a local campaign for a default 20mph road speed limit throughout the town. We do not want more speed humps or other traffic calming, we just want cars to travel more slowly so that the streets feel safer for pedestrians and cyclists.


There may be a few roads (such as parts of Belhaven Road?) which need to stay at 30mph, but our campaign is about turning the debate around so that insead of talking about where traffic needs to slow down, we start discussing where higher speeds can be justified.


Who we are

We are a group of local people who share a desire to see the streets shared more equally between pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. We are supported by the national 20's Plenty for Us Campaign and Sustaining Dunbar. 


Join in

Please add your voice. Sustaining Dunbar at 16 West Port has a stock of Wheelie Bin stickers and you can have one for free. These are especially useful if your bin is at the front of your house all week, but even if it is not, the show of support by putting it out on collection day will help our campaign greatly.


You can also register support for the campaign on Facebook at www.facebook.com/20splentyforeastlothian.